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About Us

SMD brand was established way back in year 2000, working to provide single and double layered PCB’s to serve the electronics industry. We have ventured into LED lighting business in the year 2012, and since then, had been providing LED lighting solutions for residential, industrial, commercial and government requirements. SMD LED lights are proudly manufactured in India and have set a benchmark in quality and durability. All our products are manufactured to last long and in case any fault occurs we are there to provide replacement under 2 years warranty.

We are working specially to fulfill bulk LED lighting requirements for your hotels, restaurants, industrial, commercial and residential requirements from our state of the art manufacturing unit located in site IV industrial area in Ghaziabad, UP.

In case you have any bulk requirements just fill in the enquiry form or get in touch with us on the above mentioned direct number and we will be more than happy to serve you.

Benifites of SMD LED Lights
  • Energy efficient SMD LED has longer life and lower wattage translates into savings on power bills and frequency of changing the lights is also reduced, it distributes the light more efficiently and evenly than other fixtures.
  • Long lasting SMD LEDS last up to ten times longer than compact fluorescent bulbs and more than 100 times than standard incandescent bulbs Light last between 10000 - 50000 hours.
  • Cost effective SMD LEDs offer more energy saving and are maintenance free. Totally take care of your pocket and valuable time.
  • On/Off time instant start. LED lights can be switched off and on frequently and without affecting the LED's lifetime or light emission.
  • Environment friendly Protect the environment by reducing green house gas emissions, as it contains no toxic materials and are 100% recyclable, zero mercury. We believe and follow the go green concept.
  • High efficacy this measurement expresses the total light output of a light source divided by the total power input. The higher the efficacy rating of a light, the less it will cost you to use it. High power factor which saves the luminary from voltage fluctuation and ensures high efficiency.